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#010 ☞ Georgia on My Mind

#010 ☞ Georgia on My Mind
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We're back to our regularly scheduled programming after a brief hiatus and some much needed R&R. Hopefully your inbox didn't miss us too much;) In our absence, the GADABOUT team did manage to touch down in Atlanta for the Empire Distributors Beverage Showcase, with an obligatory stop at Chick-Fil-A on the way downtown. Known as the Peach State, spending time in Georgia is always a culinary and cocktail adventure. Ever since the Franciscan monks introduced peaches to St. Simons and Cumberland islands along Georgia's coast in 1571, the fruit flourished in Georgian soil and produced a delectably sweet strain. Several hundreds of years later, you will find the capital of the south loaded with incredible places to dine and drink, made that much better with an enduring dose of sweet southern hospitality.

🧭 Places to Go

Nestled within the bustling Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, One Flew South transcends the typical airport dining experience. And don't just take our word for it - it was recently ranked as the best airport restaurant in the world. Boasting an elegant ambiance and a sophisticated menu, this restaurant is a culinary oasis for travelers. The menu is a delightful fusion of southern and international flavors. The sushi bar, a surprising find in an airport, showcases fresh and expertly crafted rolls. The tuna sashimi was some of the best we've ever had, if you can believe it. For those craving southern comfort, the buttermilk fried chicken is also a standout, perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The drink menu is equally impressive, featuring a well-curated selection of wines, cocktails, and spirits. The bartenders demonstrate skill and creativity, making the bar a great spot to unwind before or after a flight. Either way, this is the place to bookend your trip.


👋🏼 People to Meet

When you walk into Johnnie Ganem's with three generations of Ganem's on hand you are sure to find one to greet you with a smile. Louise Ganem, the original owner with her late husband, Johnnie, still runs the store along with her son, Paul and daughters Margaret Rose and Evelyn Anne. Louise's granddaughter, Marianne has recently come on board to join this Savannah Tradition. Johnnie Ganem’s has been proudly serving Savannah patrons and visitors for almost 70 years and has been a family owned and operated business since opening its doors in 1942. This hidden gem is not your average wine shop either. It is a haven for wine enthusiasts and gift aficionados alike. Picture shelves lined with carefully curated wines from around the world, each bottle telling a story of terroir and craftsmanship. But what sets Johnny Ganem's apart is its unique approach to packaging. Here, choosing the perfect bottle is just the beginning; the real magic happens when you select a bespoke wrapping paper, personalized tags, and artisanal gift boxes that turn your bottle into a work of art. Next time you are in Savannah, make sure you pay them a visit.


🥂 Products to Try

Nestled in the heart of Americus, Georgia, the 13th Colony Distillery stands as a testament to the artistry of spirits crafting. With a commitment to quality and a nod to Southern tradition, this craft distillery invites patrons on a journey through the nuanced world of small-batch distillation. As you step into the rustic-chic tasting room, the rich aromas of carefully aged barrels and the hum of copper stills create an ambiance that's both inviting and intriguing. 13th Colony is renowned for its meticulously crafted bourbons, gins, and vodkas, each bottle telling a story of passion and precision. The knowledgeable staff, akin to modern alchemists, guide visitors through tastings, sharing the intricacies of the distillation process and the unique flavors that characterize their spirits. The commitment to authenticity and the embrace of local ingredients make this distillery a standout in the realm of craft spirits, offering a genuine southern experience in every sip.


13th Colony Double Oaked Bourbon Whisky

Bottled at cask strength and uniquely matured in separate, charred oak barrels to extract additional soft, sweet oak character. Finished with toasted maple wood, this bourbon packs a robust proof punch but is lux uriously smooth on the palate. This is 13th Colony in its purest form. TASTING NOTES: Notes of maple smoked bacon, cream soda, orange blossom, toffee blend with maple drizzled pancakes, dry-aged beef, peppercorn and, sea salted caramel with a very long finish.

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