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#009 ☞ La Dolce Vita 🇮🇹

#009 ☞ La Dolce Vita 🇮🇹
Photo by Łukasz Czechowicz / Unsplash

Team GADABOUT is back after a well deserved break. We're sure you've been on the edge of your seat waiting for the next Guide - so here it is! As we head into the busy season of OND, we hope you were able to fill your summer with some R&R and inspirational adventures and are now well rested to hit the ground running. But, if you still need to linger a little longer, let's briefly escape together to Italy!

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” - Giuseppe Verdi

If you are a food and booze lover, there is magic across the entire country. Since we're so spoiled for choice, and its hard to know where to even start. So we're going to give you just the slightest taste of La Dolce Vita - from Tuscany to Portofino -  to whet your appetite in this Italian themed post. Buon viaggio!

🧭 Places to Go

Hotel Il Pelicano sits majestically on the cliffs of Tuscany, overlooking the serene Tyrrhenian Sea. It's like a movie set brought to life, and you're the star. The azure waters and dramatic cliffs provide the perfect backdrop for the selfies that will make your friends back home collectively seethe with jealousy. The breathtaking sea views and warm, welcoming staff create an otherworldly experience, where every moment feels like a cherished memory. From gourmet dining to delightful activities and impromptu dance parties under the stars, Il Pelicano is a celestial slice of paradise where you'll revel in comfort, camaraderie, and endless fun. It's a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of pure joy and luxury on Earth. For inspiration to plan that dream trip, follow their Instagram here. Ciao!

👋🏼 People to Meet

Angelo Lucchesi was an icon of the industry until his passing in 2013. He was a son of Italian immigrants, one of 13 children, who over 60 years worked his way to the top. His legacy started with his employment by the Motlow family as the first salesman of the now legendary Jack Daniel's brand. His personal friendship with entertainer Frank Sinatra, who enjoyed Jack Daniel's, helped move the brand from a position of relative obscurity to one of the top selling American whiskey's in the world. Until the time of his death he worked for the Brown-Forman Company as a marketing and public relations consultant, traveling extensively to promote Jack Daniel's and introduce the whiskey into new markets around the world. His years with Jack Daniel's brought him into contact with people in business, entertainment, sports, government and politics. All were drawn to him by the power of his love and concern for others, his decency and values, his wonderful sense of humor and boundless generosity. Here's to brining the magic of sales and brand building back to its true roots - and embodying the style and sensibility that made Angelo so special. Saluti!

🥂 Products to Try

Portofino Dry Gin is an artisanal gin created with a passion for Portofino, its effortless beauty and glamorous history. Their mission is to share the village’s hidden charms with the world alongside its traditions, ensuring that with every sip the magical feeling of strolling down the “Piazzetta” stays with you – wherever you are. The company was founded in homage to Klaus Pudel, the grandfather of Portofino Dry Gin’s cofounder Ruggero. Klaus was a man much admired for having saved Portofino from destruction during the Second Wold War. In the 1950s and ‘60s Klaus played host to some of the most wonderful parties in the era of ‘La Dolce Vita’. His love of the Italian Riviera has been conveyed through the generations and was the inspiration for the brand as a tribute to Klaus – a playful spirit with an unmistakable Mediterranean character. This exceptional gin features the most delicate extraction of flavors and aromas using both antique and modern equipment. An old Italian copper pot still, initially used to make grappa, is utilized for distillation of Portofino Dry Gin. A state-of-the-art Rotavapor creates a vacuum to extract the most delicate notes from the 21 botanicals, including lemon, lavender, marjoram, sage, juniper, iris and rose. And while the product is best-in-class, the brand is a leading marketing force, collaborating with an impressive array of luxury and lifestyle brands and creating some of the most enviable content out there - like this classy Bar Portofino video. Learn more and follow their journey @portofinogin.

Portofino Dry Gin

Portofino Dry Gin’s initial notes are from fresh lemon and crisp juniper that transport us to the hills of Portofino. They give way to a universe of Mediterranean flavours: from the rosemary and lavender perfumes of the coastal scrub to the sweet and delicate notes of marjoram and sage, that evoke the taste of traditional Ligurian cuisine.

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