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#011 ☞ Turkey & Tar Heels

#011 ☞ Turkey & Tar Heels
The Old Well at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Team GADABOUT wishes you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. It's been a long year, and there is so much to be thankful for as we kick of the holiday season. And as we usher in the crisp autumn breeze (unless you call Florida home), we're taking you to North Carolina, the Tar Heel state, which interestingly enough produces 17.2M turkeys a year - the 2nd most of any state (after Minnesota - who knew?). Whether you're a fan of the iconic Thanksgiving bird or you bleed Carolina blue, this edition is tailor-made for you! Here's to a season of gratitude, victories, and the perfect blend of Turkey and Tar Heel magic. Gobble, Gobble, Go Heels!

🧭 Places to Go

Step into the heart of Chapel Hill, and you'll find a legendary spot that's more than just a bar—it's an institution. "He's Not Here" isn't just a name; it's a rite of passage for Tar Heels and a home away from home for locals. Picture this: a sea of Carolina blue, laughter bubbling over like a fountain of happiness, and the infamous beer-filled Blue Cup making its rounds. As the sun dips below the horizon, the neon sign of a man peering out over Franklin Street lights up, beckoning all to join the party. Whether you're sipping on a Blue Cup or soaking in the lively atmosphere, "He's Not Here" isn't just a place; it's a Chapel Hill state of mind—a spirited celebration that echoes the vibrant heartbeat of this charming university town. Come for the drinks, stay for the memories, and leave with a piece of Tar Heel magic!


👋🏼 People to Meet

Pete and Vienna Barger, are leading the charge to revitalize whiskey distilling in North Carolina. In 2014, the husband and wife team purchased a 20-acre farm in Pete’s hometown of Statesville, NC, and founded the Southern Distilling Company. As the Bargers began their adventure, they discovered the deep, rich history of whiskey and brandy distilling that had dominated the Statesville region in the 18th and 19th centuries. Transformed by what they learned, the Bargers dedicated the next three years to crafting their plan to produce premium quality bourbon and rye whiskey and bring a piece of history back to the region. Included in this plan was a state-of-the-art destination distillery in Statesville, establishing Southern Distilling Company as one of the largest and most advanced craft distilleries in the nation, setting a new standard and leading the revitalization of whiskey distillation in North Carolina, the original birthplace of whiskey in the U.S.


🥂 Products to Try

John Holman (a Tar Heel Alum of course) is the owner of Holman Distillery, based in Moravian Falls, NC. He has been dedicated to craft spirits since 1999. Hired out of college by a E. & J. Gallo Winery, he learned the wine business from the ground up. After 16 years, when he saw the difference between the wine business and the spirit business, decided there was opportunity to change the way people drink and think about spirits. At the distillery, you can find a range of handmade products unlike anything else on the market today, including AppleJohn, the only commercial production traditional Applejack on earth! With access to some of the purest mountain water on earth, he crafts unique beverages using methods unlike anyone else and not produced in over 100 years! Here's a great feature on John from the New York Times. Be sure to pay John a visit at the distillery and try his incredible range of unique craft spirits.


AppleJohn Traditional Applejack

The ONLY True Applejack for sale in the world! America’s original spirit is made from approx. 60 apples per bottle and full of color from the apple. Made from a frozen concentration of hard cider, more flavor, less sugar, and a higher proof than hard apple cider. Drink ice cold. Sweeten to taste. This method of manufacturing died Jan 16 1919. 100+ years in the making. Labeled diluted Applejack because Apple Brandy has to be bottled at 40% ABV or 80 Proof. Jacking does not get to 40% ABV. We are on a mission to make Applejack mean something again!

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