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#004 ☞ Don't Worry, Be Happy

#004 ☞ Don't Worry, Be Happy
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The constant need for social validation and the fleeting dopamine hit for every 'like' is stressful and unproductive. It's left us worrying too much about what others think, and not celebrating what we have to the grateful for. Now is a good time to slow down, smell to roses, and take stock of the good people around you.

“If you worry about the people who don't like you and try to get them to like you, then the people who do like you won't like you anymore." - Charles Barkley

Work hard. Forge your own path. Be authentic. Like what you like. And stay true to yourself. You'll be surprised who wants to join you on this adventure and the results that come from it. Don't worry, be happy:)

🧭 Places to Go

In the heart of old Nassau, next door to Government House and only a few minutes from the white sand beaches, the Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant offers an enticing world tucked away from Nassau. This historic, colonial mansion has a rich history dating back to the 18th century, adding a touch of old-world charm to its elegant, nostalgic ambiance. For foodies, it also offers an exceptional dining experience known for its gourmet, locally inspired cuisine and and impressive, extensive wine cellar. And after a great meal, you can also learn to roll your own cigar through their on-site cigar factory. If you're looking for a blend of old-world charm and authenticity, then this is your place.  Check out more on their IG here.

👋🏼 People to Meet

A complex operating environment like the adult beverage industry requires considerable legal expertise to navigate is numerous challenges. As a specialist and highly respected industry veteran, Ryan Malkin of Malkin Law and his team provide reliable, insightful and cost-effective legal counsel. For over a decade, they have served clients ranging from startups aiming to enter new markets to established, internationally recognized brands seeking to expand the scope of their distribution. Give them a follow @malkinlaw and be sure to get in touch for all of your legal requirements.

🥂 Products to Try

Made in the Dominican Republic, CHINOLA liqueur is a delightful tropical elixir that captures the essence of the exotic passion fruit, locally known as "chinola". This vibrant liqueur boasts a luscious golden hue and a captivating aroma that immediately transports you to sun-kissed Caribbean orchards. Whether you're sipping it on a sunny afternoon, using it to craft your favorite cocktails, or simply looking for a unique and exotic liqueur to elevate your drinking experience, this naturally made liqueur is sure to delight your senses.


CHINOLA liqueur is a handcrafted beverage made from distilled spirits and real passion fruit. Through their unique blend and proprietary formulation, they have created a ‘natural’ liqueur with unparalleled taste and versatility. It can be consumed by itself or mixed with any base spirit into top quality cocktails.

Tasting Notes: Deep, rich natural passion fruit taste. Perfect balance between sweet and tangy with natural acidity. Retains natural tropical aroma and taste. Vibrant yellow-orange color.

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