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#003 ☞ Craft Your Future

#003 ☞ Craft Your Future
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It's the dead of summer and hot as hell. So we hope you are enjoying some time off, traveling to exotic destinations or staying cool sipping sundowners at home. Regardless, its a great time to open your mind, start planning your next adventure and craft your future.  

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust

The only journey you should regret is the one you never embarked upon. So pour yourself a cocktail, get togehter with friends and family and head out on the open road. It's summertime after all.  

🧭 Places to Go

Costa Careyes is about a three-hour drive from Puerto Vallarta International Airport, or 90 minutes by car from the smaller Playa de Oro International Airport in Manzanillo. But once you get there, you'll realize why this under the radar destination is worth the effort. Surrounded by a 30K acre nature reserve, this small town feels like a charming Italian village nestled into the mountainous Pacific coast. With beautiful beaches, inspired architecture and breathtaking sunsets, its the perfect place to unwind and sip on the signature Flor de Luna Mezcal & Hibiscus cocktail at the unassuming Playa Rosa beach bar. Check out more @cayeyesofficial and get a little inspiration for elevated R&R!

👋🏼 People to Meet

McKenzie Cunningham is the Founder & CEO of Queens Hand Collaborative. Based in Charlotte, NC, McKenzie and her team of brand builders are bringing a fresh approach to alcohol sales across the Carolinas. She is a champion of emerging brands and female founded companies, and puts her signature flair and passionate energy into all the brands she partners with. As McKenzie says, "your brand should be served like your favorite drink, strong, pleasurable and with the perfect balance of flavor." We couldn't agree more.  Visit @queenshandcollaborative to share her adventures.

🥂 Products to Try

Calirosa Tequila is an inspired spin on traditional tequila - a fusion of Mexican spirit and California style captured in four exquisite tequilas. Created through a unique partnership and a subversive aging process, Calirosa is a family of red wine barrel aged tequilas that offer a vibrant, premium tequila. It also happens to be founded by the dynamic and talented duo of supermodel Behati Prinsloo & musician Adam Levine, who have created a brand and beverage experience that elegantly combines form and function. Check out @calirosa on IG to witness this first hand.

Calirosa Rosa Blanco

Calirosa Rosa Blanco is aged in red wine barrels for one month, a unique process that allows for delicate aromas of strawberry, raspberry and honey. On the palate, Rosa Blanco is agave-forward with subtle fresh fig, floral, and juicy berry notes. Calirosa’s standout hue, finish, and flavor are on full display from first look to final sip. A statement tequila perfect for drinking under neon lights, in the shadows of the disco ball, from dusk till dawn.

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