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💡Market Insights: Don't Sleep on Tampa & Orlando

💡Market Insights: Don't Sleep on Tampa & Orlando
Photo by Martin Zangerl / Unsplash

We’ve all heard that the Florida market is on fire. Which is true. Florida now ranks #2 nationally, behind only California in spirits sales, and #3 overall in wine sales. With more and more people flocking to the Sunshine state, there is a tremendous opportunity for emerging brands to capitalize on this growth and create effective selling strategies. 

While South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties) gets the majority of the attention, market entry here can often be expensive, and a significant investment is required to compete with the larger conglomerate-owned brands. What many suppliers don’t realize is that 59% of wine & spirits sales occur outside of South Florida, and that the Tampa & Orlando markets account for 38% of total sales in the state

Kevin Testa, the Founder of GADABOUT says, “the Tampa and Orlando markets for a typical “Big 3” Florida distributor are equivalent from a case standpoint as the South Florida market.” He continues: “For brand owners and emerging suppliers, the cost of doing business in these markets is significantly less than in the South Florida market, and progress here provides a great launch-pad into the rest of the state. There are a tremendous number of great off and on-premise accounts in these markets and a broader talent pool of sales resources to support your growth.”

And for brands looking for a more cost effective solution to deliver their product, there is some recent good news. Convoy Beverage Alliance, has significantly reduced their case rate delivery fees to these 2 important markets, from $26.33 per case to $11.76 per case. For brands operating in Florida utilizing the direct-to-retail distribution model with service providers like Park Street, this is a great opportunity to grow sales and reach new customers and accounts in a cost effective way.

At GADABOUT, we work closely with brands to develop a data-driven route-to-market strategy and then execute with a comprehensive suite of sales & marketing solutions with a partner network of on-the-ground agents to grow your business. With the right approach, the challenging Florida market can be highly valuable and deliver real return on investment for craft brands. 


GADABOUT is a specialized wine & spirits sales and trade marketing platform which supports high potential emerging brands with a suite of strategic commercial services and connects them directly to actively managed networks of experienced sales professionals focused on developing core local markets. For brands on the platform, this provides a cost-effective, managed and scalable shared resource solution to efficiently grow sales and depletions across multiple markets. For sales agents on the platform, this provides access to a vetted portfolio of brands and best-in-class trade marketing resources to support sales efforts and grow their independent businesses via a platform partner.