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#007 ☞ The Future Looks Bright

#007 ☞ The Future Looks Bright
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You've probably heard the saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day." Well, turns out, that's not just true for ancient cities – it's a legit principle for all the incredible things we're working on. We live in a world where news goes viral in seconds and overnight sensations are all the rage. But here's the scoop: the biggest and boldest changes don't follow that same script. It's like cooking up a perfect recipe – you can't rush the process. Each ingredient has its time to shine, each step contributes to the final masterpiece.

“There's a reason your windshield is bigger than your rear view mirror.” - Jeff Crocker

And while you are building, its important to celebrate the journey as much as the destination. Remember, the brightest tomorrows are built on the foundations of today's hard work, dedication, and yes, you guessed it, time. So, grab your favorite drink and get ready for the long but oh-so-rewarding show that is the road to a bright future!

🧭 Places to Go

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Soho in New York City, Papatzul stands as a culinary oasis where the rich and diverse flavors of Mexico come to life. This restaurant is more than just a place to eat; it's an immersive experience that transports diners on a gastronomic journey through the different regions of Mexico, all while staying true to its roots.

Papatzul takes authenticity seriously. The menu is a curated collection of dishes that pay homage to the diverse culinary traditions of Mexico. From Oaxaca to Veracruz, each dish reflects the distinctive flavors and ingredients of its region of origin. Led by Executive Chef & Owner Thierry Amezcua, the team at Papatzul meticulously source authentic ingredients to ensure that every dish captures the essence of Mexican cuisine, from street food favorites to refined specialties. And if you are looking for a good time, the vibrant bar is a perfect place to start (or end) the night. Check out the vibe @papatzulsoho.

👋🏼 People to Meet

For Frank Andreu, Founder & CEO of FGM Fine Wine & Spirits, it's all about family. That's why he named his leading, Miami-based craft alcohol sales agency after his 3 boys, Frank Luca, Giancarlo & Massimo. A 20 year-industry veteran, Frank has a successful track record of growing leading craft and independent brands via an extensive network of strategic account relationships and deep industry connectivity. Before launching FGM, Frank was the Vice-President of Sales for Enlightened Grain Spirits, Area & Market Manager for Edrington Brands, Division Director & RTM Manager for Southern Wine & Spirits and North Florida District Manager for Pernod Ricard. As an industry veteran, he's worked extensively with leading suppliers and distributors, not the mention the most sough after on-and-off premise accounts across the state.

By treating the brands, accounts, partners and people they work with everyday like family - Frank and his FGM team have been building a proud legacy and relationships that stand the test of time. If you are a brand looking to accelerate growth in Florida, this is your guy. Give Frank a follow @fgm305 and be sure to get in touch next time you find your way to Miami. Dalé.

🥂 Products to Try

Breaking Bad fans might recognize the names behind the brand – Aaron Paul (who played Jesse Pinkman) and Bryan Cranston (who portrayed Walter White) – both of whom share a genuine friendship and a shared interest in quality mezcal. This dynamic duo ventured into the world of mezcal not as a mere celebrity endorsement, but as hands-on founders genuinely invested in crafting a premium product. The result is one of the fastest growing Mezcal brands in America: Dos Hombres

The brand's ethos extends beyond just producing mezcal; it's about embracing the journey, the people, and the culture that make this spirit so special. Dos Hombres pays homage to the hands that create it, the land it comes from, and the moments it's enjoyed in. It's not just about a bottle of mezcal; it's about the stories it carries and the connections it forges. Follow their journey on IG @doshombres.

Dos Hombres Mezcal

Dos Hombres Mezcal is known for its commitment to quality and authenticity. The brand sources its agave from Oaxaca, a region renowned for its mezcal production, and the agave hearts (piñas) are slow-roasted in earthen ovens before undergoing a traditional milling process. The juice is then naturally fermented and double-distilled in copper pot stills to ensure a refined and flavorful spirit.

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